Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kansas City

If Kansas City is referred, this can create confusion for those who do not know that there is a Kansas City Kansas and Kansas City Missouri. But both lie in the Midwestern of the United States.

Kansas City Kansas, is the third largest city in the State of Kansas, and is the third largest suburb of Kansas City Missouri, while Kansas City Missouri is the largest city in the State of Missouri and is known as the city of the fountains, because it has more than 200 and it has more boulevards than Paris. 

Both are very close to each other, so it is common to confuse them. To date, I do not understand the difference.

The climate that prevails may be described as continental, with extreme temperatures, with few strong snowfalls during the winter. Temperatures can be high and it’s usual to have rain during spring and summers, and this help to painting with flowers all the area, with an explosion of color.

Speaking of Kansas City is to bring to mind the Royals if you like baseball , or Chiefs if you prefer football, while the soccer has the  Sporting and Hockey has the Mavericks. 

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