Friday, March 23, 2012

Mexico City

Mexico City is a unique. With so many persons, with so much traffic and pollution, but at the same time, full of color. 

But the city faces serious problems with the distribution of water, so it is no longer so green as a few years ago. 

 The Government trim or cut trees with no previous research, in the name of progress and despite existing construction laws, it seems that very few care about the green areas.


 It is true that, with the shortages of water, it is difficult to keep plants, but there are always ways to catch the rain.

At the suburbs, It is possible to see plants growing with only a bit of dirt and there is no need to get away a little of the urban to see how nature takes the initiative.

 Sometimes, when you are almost ready to land at the Airport International in the city of Mexico, it is possible to see purple spots that form clusters of Jacarandas. It is a beautiful spectacle that when you are on the ground is even more incredible. 

So much beauty should not be underestimated. Hopefully the Government start to make real progress on the problems of water and ecology. 

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