Thursday, May 1, 2014

Looking around

I know that many people see photography as an expensive and elitist hobby, the kind of that only a few have access, this is an easy statement due to the large amount of equipment available and the cost of the same, but in reality, I think that we are all born as photographers, because at some point everybody have enjoyed an image and thus have a sense of aesthetics,  or we have clicked a camera just to take a moment of your life.

It is true that traditional photographer have a sense of loss towards technology, which allows a much wider audience access to a camera, compared to the expensive and heavy equipment employing by a traditional photographer in his work, but let's be clear, the difference is not only in the equipment, but about the years of practice and failures between a professional photographer and someone who likes to take pictures of pets or children to preserve in time a special moment.

Photo Alma Dzib Goodin ©
Personally, I think that the mission of a photo is perpetuating a moment, whatever this is, with any excuse, but for those who wish to join to lovers of moments, I want to tell you that is not necessary an expensive or heavy equipment, but the ability of observation.

I am not a professional photographer and I could never be, many visitors may find this blog and think: what a simple photos!, but that is an amazing part about this kind of art, it gives everyone a sense of aesthetics and the powers of observation.

I take pictures of nature, which is everywhere, to me I enjoy watching a fly on a flower, or the bunch of flowers behind the grass,  I give meaning to my life finding life cycles.

Photo Celestino Boge © posted with author permission
A fun thing about photography is that each one is finding something that fills your eyes. For example, my friend Celestino Boge has found its way in photograph of food and fashion, and he is able to make a two dimension image a sweet look so rich our mouth and produce salive in it, just with his photos, and this is a form of aesthetic expression.

There are those who become photographers of pets and few of them can specialize so much taking thousands of pictures of dogs shaking as it is the case of Carli Davidson who has thrilled the world with faces full of energy, that it is impossible not to look at her models

Of course, no one can resist the face of a bride who shares a bit of her immense happiness at her wedding day, her white dress and her smile are the simbol of love, but only a some talents are able to capture fine details, always ready to perpetuate this moment, thanks to many years of experience, as my admired friend Mauricio Alfaro who is one of the best photographers of weddings and portraits in Mexico.

There are of course some artists who set up creativity with creatures that are nearby, as is the case Elena Shumilova who takes photographs of his young son and pet, creating universally beautiful moments, because the expressions know no cultural barriers, here's an example of her work:

Another group of artists specialize in landscapes, as my good friend Doug Lapsey,  who knows how to look beyond his lens and capture that moment when nature speaks almost in a whisper, making thunderous silence that invites us to look at, as silent witnesses of his eyes, here you can enjoy his portafolio:

There are many more kind of expressions from those who are passionate by the everyday moments, like the Street photographers who create projects than usually, nobody looks, but to them. seem very interesting, here an example of a group of photographers who literally take the streets to make art:

If you take a moment to view all their photos, will no doubt you will feel eager to take a camera, either from your cell phone and start to watch, and that is precisely the idea of this post, beginning to look at so if you dare, you can discover your passion for looking and hopefully can share moments.

Being a photographer has many edges, that is true, from professionals, as there are many courses and many techniques to learn; there is an economic issue, because equipment is quite expensive; legal, because there are restrictions about when and how to use a camera and of course personal situations, for example, I can never be a professional photographer because I can not carry heavy things, so my cameras must be very light, but that does not restrict me tosearch the moment!.

Photo Alma Dzib Goodin ©
The most important thing is look  around and try thousand times, knowing the camera playing with the possibilities, planning, and above all enjoy the moment to the fullest, there is always a photo, and is the one that has not been taken yet, so you have to keep trying and trying and one day, perhaps, see it and it will have your name.

Younger you begin, there's greater opportunity to become a celebrity, but only one in a million achieved it, so let's wait our place on the line!!