Monday, April 2, 2012


The blue color is one of the six chromatic differences of the visible spectrum by normal human vision. It’s between 450 and 495 nm and is in the spectrum of light between violet and green.

The blue word in Spanish was taken from Arabic Lazürd and refers to lapislazuli, while in English it was taken from French bleu, meaning pale or pallid.

Blue is the color of hope, although also relates it to the sadness. 

Of course it is the color that some cultures have chosen to the masculine. The sky is blue due to the composition of the solar light and the humidity of the atmosphere.

And blue is the color chosen to represent autism is a disorder of neuro developmental affecting many children, who eventually become adults.
Today, 2 April marks world autism awareness day and that's why we put blue and standing so that one day we can better understand the mechanisms that cerebral level interact in cognitive processes of this disorder.

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