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Color red is perceived because eyes have  photo receptors  receiving light and they  identify a range of different wavelengths. In the case of the Red wavelength is between 618 and 780 nm. 

Although there are people who can’t identify  it, due a disorder  called protanomaly and this can be can be partial or total depending on the condition of the cones, which are cells located in the retina responsible for perceive different wavelengths, if they submit any deformity cause partial blindness to colors. If missing in the retina, then a person can be completely blind to red and in this case the condition is called protanopia.
The word red comes from old English réd.

Red is the color associated with blood, Christmas, sacrifice, passion, sin, guilt, power, love, fire, anger, devil, communism, good luck, indicates debt or a drop in prices and risk in economy.

There are many references to this color in nature, for example Mars is called the red planet, which is painted in red because in its surface there is a lot of iron oxide.

In marketing, the red is used to attract the attention of consumers. 

Red is one of the four primary colors, along with yellow, green and blue, by its relationship with the fire, gives a psychological perception of warmth

Red lips in humans mean health and sexual desire.

A red blood-stain in clothing warns of damage to the body.

Many species paint in red their costumes to frighten predators or to attract couples with reproductive aims either to show the hierarchy between subordinates and thereby increasing their life expectancy. 

Some other species are naturally red as  Cardinals, snakes or fish.

The oxygenated blood is red because  the pigment to oxygenated hemoglobin content in erythrocytes, and it’s the reason this color is associated blood.

In sports, red is the color of uniforms by the name of the team, such as the St. Louis Cardinals, or the Cincinnati Reds or national representative if the color is part of the national flag. 

The red flowers are a symbol of love, passion, affection and compliment to the beauty of who receives.
Red is the color of this day.

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