Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Southern California: so much to see

When I told to my friends that we were going to San Francisco, everyone told me that shopping malls there are the best,  everybody talked about the steep streets and about the transportation. I couldn't stop yawning because I don't like go shopping, I hate the hustle and bustle and never find my size available.

Instead, we found something which I enjoyed much more and I must thank for having a companion of adventures as lover of nature like me, so my husband and I started looking for parks, and  ecological options and above all, the ocean!.

California is surf, sand and sun, we saw all that, but we also found a lot of life.

San Francisco has very steep streets, as everybody said, and surfers cross the street like if there are no cars around! but we didn’t stay there, we drove  to the South of the State, which it’s the best experience, with mountains on one side and the ocean always in movement to the other. The road, always winding, makes the trip enjoyable even more because with each curve is more to look at.

Our final destination was the city of Monterey, in Monterey County that is located on the South of California State, where it’s easy to enjoy magical mountains, and its Bay which gets wet in the Pacific Ocean.

The area has a long Latin tradition, since it was founded in 1777 by both Spain and Mexico, that gives name to a hug part of California and undeniable traditions.

Monterrey is a place where it is easy to find life forms, there is no space that do not fill this immense natural serenity that makes admiring all that the sea plays, with a mild climate and an  a very California atmosphere.

Looking around, with so much  motion, makes easily to see the passion which State of California has defended life in all its forms, from caring forests, sea life and people.

Something that caught our attention was the fact is not easy to find fast food, but without much effort you can enjoy delicious meals, prepared with taste and odors of fruits and vegetables that grow happily in the surrounding area. No doubt the palate delights from the combination of flavour and serenity and restaurants are proud to assist any guest.

Speaking of life, it is easy to find deers, butterflies, hummingbirds, and flowers, many flowers!, for a photographer like me, it's paradise.

But if the idea is to have photos of movement, nothing as going to the beach and watch the surfers, they really move!, it is fascinating to see them slipping by the waves, paving the way and feeling the breeze of the sea. They are usually in groups and can enjoy the waves for many hours, regardless of the day of the week.

The beaches are sandy, that and the waves make this area perfect for surfing, and in this environment, life opens its passage. Sea Life  is only one  example, so during the months of December to March, the whales make their arrival on their way to the South, which are accompanied by dolphins, killer whales, otters, seals and sea lions.

By sky, birds give observers the opportunity to find all kinds of species that are left to see and take pictures, no doubt cameras will not rest while there.

Although the tour is long, nothing like the pleasure to undertake the return of Monterey to San Francisco, which gives a warm farewell to the visitor, and provides some surprises goodbye who this lovely part of the world.

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